For booking use the form in the bottom of the page or call +49 176 8270 1220 between 14 and 15 on weekdays. I do have some slots available that are not in the calendar.

The number of sessions is not fixed. We decide the number and the duration of sessions together. The speed of your progress is dependent of your background. Typically, it is best to go slowly and have three sessions in two-week intervals, so that there is plenty of time to practice between the sessions. Sometimes it is possible to do all three levels in one three hour session, but one easily looses the changes without a few repetitions.

You can always book a new session, when you feel you want to improve your posture.

For companies, I make a custom plan, that is a mix of workshops and individual treatments, fitting to the company’s needs.


Postural work

I charge 70 € per hour or 120 € for a two-hour session.
The first session is two hours. We will talk about your goals, get to know each other a bit, and make a plan.
A normal session is 90 minutes and costs 105 €.
Full-time dance-students get a 30-minute postural correction session for 30€.

Workshops and Sessions at a Workplace

For companies, the price will always be based on the planned deliveries.

Head massage

Head massage, which includes facial, scalp and jaw massage, will make you forget your worries and you will look younger and fresher. This takes 30 minutes and costs 35€. You will be fully clothed, and without jewelry or make up.

Chest opener

Chest opener aims at twisting the torso and loosening the rib cage. This will give freedom of movement and makes it possible improve your posture. Great for dancers who want to have a soft embrace and everyone who wants to move better.
Takes 30 minutes and costs 35€. You should be wearing tight sitting, stretchy clothes or something loose. I will not be using any oil.


You can cancel by replying to the booking email you have or by calling me. Cancellation is free until 24h before appointment. No-shows are charged with 50%.

Book your appointment

  1. Select the kind of bodywork you want.
  2. Pick your timeslot.
  3. Fill the form and Submit.
  4. Press the confirmation link in the email you received.