Unleashing the Power of Good Posture

How do you want to people see you? You can change the impression you give by changing your posture!

Even before you say anything, people see your posture. Most of the information we are getting from a person is from the body language, and posture is the rock on which everything else you say and do rests on. Posture is part of the on going status negotiations between people. Would you like to radiate self-confidence? Would you like people to trust you more? Would you like to be the one who gets the raise or lands the job?1 Would you like to attract romantic partners?

Bad posture can affect your health and lead to neck and back pains.

Posture has also a big influence on dancing and sports, can cause imbalance and limit your performance. Perhaps, your teacher or coach has told you that you should hold your head up, shoulders back or relax a particular body part? I can help you to make these changes.

Posture is intertwined with emotions. For example, when you feel small and insignificant, or grand and in control, it will be visible in your posture. It is a feedback loop: if you change your posture, your emotions change; and this again affects your posture. This loop can be positive or it can be negative. Learn how to create your positive feedback loop.

Postural Work on Two Levels:

Level 1: Pure Posture

  • Loosen tight muscles and tight fascia to make new posture possible
  • Postural Habit – learn a new posture and practice it to make changes
  • The competitive, strong, masculine and feminine postures

Level 2: Emotional Work

  • Explore the emotional component
  • Open the heart
  • The care taker – the fatherly or motherly posture
  • The attractive male and female postures

It is possible for us to work with level 1 only, but we can’t go directly to level 2 as it builds on the previous one.

Other types of Bodywork

  • Head and face massages feel amazing and will make you look younger.
  • Chest openers will improve your movement, flexibility and embrace.
  • Swedish massages improve recovery and reduce tightness.
  • I do also workshops and give sessions at workplaces.


My name is Eero Olli and I help people to change their posture. I have been dancing and doing bodywork since the 1990’s. This has taught me to observe and change peoples’ posture. I have done lots of bodywork and postural work on dancers. I have a PhD in Social Sciences, which helps me see the social and emotional components of posture and how posture is part of body language.

What kind of techniques are you using? Structural balancing of fascia to equal the tightness of left-and-right, front-and-back, alexander technique to loosen the neck, stretching to create space, deep breathing, energy work from tai chi and reiki. I mix many techniques.

Eero face with black clohtes


“My session with Eero was profound and impacted me deeply for the better. He has magical ability to combine body and posture work with emotional work. Also, I am grateful for Eero showing me how to open my heart and integrate it with my masculinity in a way I wish I was taught as a kid.”

A Computer Guru in 2022

“I highly recommend Eero Olli as he is a devoted and professional therapist. We worked very deeply connecting body, mind and consciousness. I am a performing artist and it was very interesting to understand and work on how emotions and personal history has created unhealthy patterns in my body. Already after the first session I started noticing a change. After the third, I had a freer way of moving as unnecessary tension has been released on a very deep level”.

A Musician in 2022

“Eero is a brilliant body worker. His deep level of knowledge and intuitive skill in healing has helped me resolve a physical issue and the emotional blockages that were contributing to the problem. The outcome of our sessions has been renewed physical and psychological strength that gives me increased confidence!”

A Designer in 2022


For booking use the form below or call +49 176 8270 1220 between 14 and 15 on weekdays. I do have some slots available that are not in the calendar.

The number of sessions is not fixed. We decide the number and the duration of sessions together. The speed of your progress is dependent of your background. Typically, it is best to go slowly and have three sessions in one or two week intervals, so that there is plenty of time to practice between the sessions. Sometimes, it is possible to do a lot of progress in one three hour session, but it is harder to make these changes part of your regular life.

You can always book a new session, when you feel you want to improve your posture.

For companies, I make a custom plan, that is a mix of workshops and individual treatments, fitting to the company’s needs. The prices will be depending on content and location.


I charge 70 € per hour for individual sessions at my studio. For longer sessions, two hours or more, I charge 60 € per hour. Thus 30 minute sessions are 35 €; 90 minute sessions are 105€; and a two hour session is 120€.


You can find me in Choriner Straße, near Zionskirchplatz in Berlin Mitte. You will get all the details when you book a session.

Postural work

For postural work you should be wearing tight sitting, stretchy clothes or something loose. I will not be using any oil.

The first session is two hours. We will talk about your goals, get to know each other a bit, and make a plan. My experience is that starting with a long session gets best results. The posture cannot be changed piece by piece. The whole body needs to change simultaneously. Many short sessions do not have the same effect as a few long ones.
A normal session is 90 minutes.
Full-time dance-students get a 30-minute postural correction session for 30€.

Chest opener

Chest opener aims at twisting the torso and loosening the rib cage. This will give freedom of movement and makes it easier to improve your posture. It is also great for dancers who want to have a soft embrace and everyone who wants to move or breath better.
Takes 30 minutes.

Workshops and Sessions at a Workplace

For companies, the price will always be based on the planned deliveries.


Head and face massage

Head massage, which includes facial, scalp and jaw massage, will make you forget your worries and you will look younger and fresher. This takes 30 minutes. You will be fully clothed, and without jewelry or make up.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage aims at increasing the flow of body fluids in muscles, which speeds up recovery after training. In 30 minutes we can cover one area well: Neck and shoulders, arms or feet. If you want a whole body massage you should book two consecutive timeslots below.
Takes from 30 minutes an hour. Since it is an oil massage, I need access to skin. I will cover the other body parts with a sheet.


You can cancel by replying to the booking email you have or by calling me. Cancellation is free until 24h before appointment. No-shows are charged with 50%.

Book your appointment

  1. Select the kind of bodywork you want.
  2. Pick your date and timeslot.
  3. Fill the form and Submit.
  4. Press the confirmation link in the email you received.
  1. https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Fa0038543 ↩︎