The Power of Posture

How do you want to people see you? How do they see you now? You can change the impression you give by changing your posture!

Even before you say anything, people see your posture. Most of the information we are getting from a person is from body language, and posture is the rock on which everything else you say and do rests on. Posture is part of the on going status negotiations: Who is making the decision? Who gets the raise? Who gets the job? Who is radiating self-confidence? Who attracts romantic partners?

Bad posture can affect your health and lead to neck and back pains.

Posture has also a big influence on dancing and sports, can cause imbalance and limit your performance. Perhaps, your teacher or coach has told you that you should hold your head up, shoulders back or relax a particular body part?

Posture is intertwined with emotions. For example, when you feel small and insignificant or grand and in control, it will be visible in your posture. It is a feedback loop: if you change the posture, emotions change; and this again affects your posture. This loop can be positive or it can be negative. Learn how to create your positive feedback loop.

Postural Work on Two Levels:

Level 1: Pure Posture

  • Loosen tight muscles and tight fascia to make new posture possible
  • Postural Habit – learn a new posture and practice it to make changes
  • The competitive, strong, masculine and feminine postures

Level 2: Emotional Work

  • Explore the emotional component
  • Open the heart
  • The care taker – the fatherly or motherly posture
  • The attractive male and female postures

It is possible for us to work with level 1 only, but we can’t go directly to level 2. Each level builds on the previous ones.

Other types of Bodywork

I do also give head massages, which feel amazing and will make you look younger.
If you want to improve your movement, flexibility and embrace, you should try one of my chest openers.

I do also workshops and give sessions at workplaces.