Does this involve nudity? No.

Can you fix me? Nope. Posture is a habit. You need to change this habit. I can teach you things. I can loosen up fascia and muscles, which make postural change easier. We explore together, which emotions make it hard to keep a particular posture. I can give you exercises that help you, but it is you who needs to do them.

What should I wear?

  • For postural work it is best to wear tightly sitting stretchy clothes that you would wear for yoga or underwear. I need to see your body, to evaluate your posture.
  • For face and head massage you can wear anything you want.
  • Swedish massage is done with oil. I can cover those body parts I am not massaging.

Will you touch me? Yes. I will need access to your skin to work on the muscles and the fascia.

Will this improve my computer-posture? My focus is on your standing and walking posture. If you learn to hold a better posture this can improve your posture while doing office work. Increased awareness of your posture can help you to notice how the screen is at a wrong height or how your bi-focal glasses force you to change your posture to make the letters sharp. If these are the cause of your bad posture, you need to deal with them. However, there is no such thing as a perfect office posture, which you can keep hour after hour. What you need is movement and frequent changes in the posture.

Is this only for men? No. Everyone has a masculine and feminine side.

In which languages can we work together? I prefer English, but German, Norwegian, Finnish or Swedish are also possible.

Do you take credit cards? No. I accept cash, paypal and bank transfer. You will get the info needed when we meet.