Eero's face with black clothes

My name is Eero Olli and I help people to change their posture. I have been dancing and doing bodywork since the 1990’s. This has taught me to observe and change peoples’ posture. I have done lots of bodywork and postural work on dancers. I have a PhD in Social Sciences, which helps me see the social and emotional components of posture and how posture is related to social interaction and body language.

What kind of techniques are you using? Structural balancing of fascia to equal the tightness of left-and-right, front-and-back, alexander technique to loosen the neck, stretching to create space, deep breathing, energy work from tai chi and reiki. I mix many techniques.


“My session with Eero was profound and impacted me deeply for the better. He has magical ability to combine body and posture work with emotional work. Also, I am grateful for Eero showing me how to open my heart and integrate it with my masculinity in a way I wish I was taught as a kid.”

A Computer Guru in 2022

“I highly recommend Eero Olli as he is a devoted and professional therapist. We worked very deeply connecting body, mind and consciousness. I am a performing artist and it was very interesting to understand and work on how emotions and personal history has created unhealthy patterns in my body. Already after the first session I started noticing a change. After the third, I had a freer way of moving as unnecessary tension has been released on a very deep level”.

A Musician in 2022

“Eero is a brilliant body worker. His deep level of knowledge and intuitive skill in healing has helped me resolve a physical issue and the emotional blockages that were contributing to the problem. The outcome of our sessions has been renewed physical and psychological strength that gives me increased confidence!”

A Designer in 2022


You can find me in Choriner Str. 9 in Berlin Mitte. The doorbell says Sillge. Take the stairs up to the 4th floor (top floor). Look for the door on the right hand side, painted green and red. If you have problems finding your way, call me at +49 176 8270 1220.

The nearest tram stop is H Zionskirchplatz (M1 and 12). The nearest U-Bahns are U Senefelderplatz (U2) and U Rosenthaler Platz (U8).